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Bruce Campbell NYC Comic Con 2010 Photos

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Bruce Campbell’s panel at NYC Comic Con was simply awesome. It was hilarious watching Bruce rip his fans a new one for asking dumb questions. Bruce did have some good advice about the movie industry. If you want better movies, stop going to see the crappy ones. This year’s NYC Comic Con marked the 11th time Deadites has seen Bruce in person. Not too shabby for being online since 1997. Check out these photos shot by Kain:

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ZomBcon Fan Exclusive Evil Dead Poster Revealed

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At this year’s ZombieCon there will be an exclusive Evil Dead poster celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary Evil Dead only available to fans in attendance.

The gang at Grindhouse Releasing nd Renaissance teamed up to commissioned the talented, Stephen Romano (ShockFestival) to bring the fans of the Evil Dead another limited-edition fan poster in honor of the rerelease of the film by Grindhouse Releasing. Reiter was first introduced to the revival of Evil Dead poster art at the Alamo Draft House screening, with Olly Moss’ poster art work this past summer.

New Evil Dead Posters by Christopher Franchi

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Christopher Franchi, an amazingly talented artist has shared his latest poster work with us featuring the Ladies of the Evil Dead and the upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Evil Dead. The Ladies of the Evil Dead Poster was designed to take the place of the Anchor Bay poster they currently sign at conventions. The 30th Anniversary Evil Dead poster was designed as a concept/autograph friendly poster that features the cast of the Evil Dead. Anchor Bay was planning on using it for the Ultimate Edition of the Evil Dead 3-disc DVD but was not used.

Ladies of the Evil Dead Poster by Christopher Franchi
Evil Dead 35th Anniversary Poster by Christopher Franchi

Army of Darkness Game Coming to iPhone

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Touch Arcade has reported an Army of Darkness game is coming to the iPhone in early 2011. The game is being developed by Blackflip Studios:

The game will include all the favorite quotes from the movie and is described as a hybrid castle/tower defense inspired game. Your job is to protect the Necrinomicon from the Deadites with the help of your boomstick, chainsaw and more.

Evil Dead UK Blu-Ray Announced

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According to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it will release The Evil Dead on Blu-ray in the UK on October 11. Edition details are similar to the US release, with the major addition of a Picture-in-Picture track covering the legacy of this cult movie. On the other hand, picture aspect ratio is only listed as 1.85:1.

Special features include:

• All New Commentary with Director Sam Raimi, Producer Rob Tapert, and actor Bruce Campbell
• Picture-in-Picture: Join Us! The Undying Legacy of The Evil Dead

• One by One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead
• Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor
• At the Drive-In
• Discovering Evil Dead
• Make-Up Test

• Ellen and Drama Teacher
• On-Stage Interview
• Make-up Test

Bruce vs. Frankenstein: The "Expendables" of Horror

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According to a recent interview with The Hero Complex, Bruce wants the Bruce vs. Frankenstein to be the “Expendables” of horror movies, or more like the “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” of horror.

“I want to get so many horror movie stars that people can’t possibly not see the movie. I want to give them other stuff to do. I want to have Kane Hodder be very particular about what he eats. I want Robert Englund to be a tough guy, like he knows tae kwon do or something. I want to find out the hidden sides of all these people. Some will play themselves, some will play alternate characters as well. I may approach Kane Hodder to play Frankenstein. He could be Kane Hodder himself fighting himself as Frankenstein. It could be crazy.”