The Apostle

Sutter Cane

Spinach Chin
Jul 11, 2015
Yestereday I watched The Apostle on Netflix. This movie was great! It's a dark vile & twisted thriller. It's not an horror flick but it's really dirty and there's enough blood to be kind of horror worty.

I must say Gareth Evans (Raid 1 & 2) did an amazing job as director. It's sure this guy will be hired on a bigger project soon. Photography is beautiful and the're some composition shots very well made. He's very talented

This movie is not related to Evil Dead at all, but "at some points" in the movie, I could have seen Gareth Evans as director and Dan Stevens as Ash. (More a Evil Dead 1, 2 Ash...)

I think an Evil Dead movie should be disturbing at some point, and not only gross....

There's a scene which the main character is in a sewer of blood and he find an old lady. This was pure Henrietta meet Ash

So I really recommand this movie, this is an original concept, not from a book, no remake. It's written and direct by the same guy...
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