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Aug 25, 2007
Here are some new photos of some of the rarer bits & pieces from my Evil Dead Collection. I only started properly collecting physical items in December of 2012. Most of my collection consists of rarer pieces, stuff I've bought to add to (such as magazines to scan), and stuff I've made myself. I don't collect action figures, or just anything physical with Evil Dead stamped on it (like lunch boxes, phone covers and hats!). Some items were picked up very cheaply at the time, and now would fetch a lot more today as there seem to be more Evil Dead collectors out there driving up prices. Some items I paid way over the odds for. Just briefly you have;
  • Some première and items from the early days
  • Various press kits, promo items, badges, posters & flyers
  • Media releases on DVD, VCD, Blu-Ray, Laserdisc, VHS & VHD
  • A lever arch file containing around 130 original ED1 photos, slides & transparencies
I think the most expensive single purchase I've made was a package of items for $500, including the 130 photos above, with other bits, which were used in the making of the 1999 Elite US ED1 DVD. My favourite items have to be the early première & Cannes items like the BOTD flyer, program & tickets

There are a few bits I'm still waiting to add to my collection, and a few I've regretted missing out on over the years, including;
  • A complete ED1 US press kit
  • An ED1 UK Palace Pictures Not Guilty sleeve variant
  • A Greek or Mexican BOTD titled ED1 VHS
  • An ED2 crew t-shit
  • A Screamin' Ash kit in decent (but cheap-ish) condition
  • Further Palace Pictures ED1/2 promo items
If anyone is interested in selling any of the above 'wants', please get in touch!

A01 - 20200823_115147.jpg A02 - 20200823_113935.jpg A03 - 20200823_120010.jpg A04 - 20200823_125027.jpg A05 - 20200823_120829.jpg A06 - 20200823_121350.jpg A07 - 20200823_135611.jpg B01 - 20200823_114643.jpg B02 - 20200823_121934.jpg C01 - 20200823_125755.jpg
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Mar 31, 2013
So cool, Rob! Thanks for sharing with us!
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