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Jan 20, 2008
Either this was a piece of shit film ( my favourite type if it's combined with some imagination ) or we're on a low arc at the moment for Evil Dead news ..

This trailer for  'Brutal Massacre - The Movie' is on the youtube .. if you find it yourselves, it's dated a couple of years back ...  sorry but I'm back at work in 7 hours ..


Ellen Sandweiss (The Evil Dead)
Betsy Baker (The Evil Dead)
David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London)
kEN FoRee (dAWN O't DeAd)
Gunner Hansen (The Texas Chainsaw Massace, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Tom Savini (no explanation needed)
Brian O' Halloran (Dante hIcKS) cLerkS
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