Exile Jack - an indie horror comic


Primitive Screwhead
Oct 15, 2013
Hey all,

I feel sort of guilty doing this but I am crowdfunding my own comic book yet again on Kickstarter and growing up as a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy I feel the mix of comedy and horror elements within would be up my fellow deadite's alley.

If anyone out there feels like checking it out go to Exilejack.com or search Exile Jack on kickstarter to see the campaign.

The mini synopsis goes like this:

It's a post-apocalyptic revenge tale set within a zombie infested quarantined city. There's criminals who have overtaken the city, there's a few explosions, and there's a guy named Jack.

I appreciate the support in the past and if you feel like it's something you'd be interested in please check it out!

Okay enough whoring.


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