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Jun 11, 2011
I have become really fond of Bruce Campbell in the last few months (after becoming a fan of Burn Notice). I started searching YouTube for everything I could find on him, especially panel discussions. After watching several of them, I have come to the conclusion that there are stories he just loves to tell. I am hoping to at least make them more fun by showing Bruce that some of us are listening.

Please do not think that I am trying to embarrass Bruce, I am hoping that he would be flattered. Since there is only two days left before the next appearance, I am pretty sure that when the videos are posted to YouTube, I won't see this happen, but who knows?

Bruce takes the stage
Audience: Hail to the king, baby.

About film making
Bruce: A film that is easy to make.
Audience: Is hard to watch.

About Congo
Bruce mentions Congo.
Audience: It looked good on paper.

About Spiderman
Bruce: Spiderman 1.
Audience: Bruce named Spiderman.
Bruce: Spiderman 2.
Audience: Bruce defeated Spiderman.
Bruce: Spiderman 3.
Audience: Bruce (annoyed or turned away) Spiderman. (Not really sure about this one.)

About the sticks to the ankle
Bruce tells the entire story.
Audience: Sam and Rob are bad boys.

About the power of "Give me some sugar, baby"
Bruce tells the story about a guy who got it translated into Mandarin, and there is a point in the story where he hits the microphone. Right after he hits the microphone.
Audience: He got laid.

There are other stories he often tells, however I don't have anything clever for them.

There are the two fan stories. One is the guy with the brick from the cabin, and Bruce warns everyone away (for fear?) that a fan will get shot. The other is about the fan with the poster of Army of Darkness on his back, and how that guy is now a walking billboard for the film.

There is the story about the guy who went to see Evil Dead: The Musical wearing a white tux that was pink by the end of the performance.

In nearly every panel I have seen on YouTube, Bruce asks for insightful questions. The above shows that some fans cling to the same things and ask him over and over. Those who can afford to go to the conventions and panels, surprise him and give him something new to answer. You may just get a dollar.

I mean, there are things I would love to but never know like...
  • Conventions look like they can be overwhelming to a first time panelist, is that why we haven't seen Bruce's Burn Notice co-stars at any of them? (Just thinking about the fan reaction if Sharon Gless ever took the stage is mind boggling.)
  • It seems that Sam Raimi can get Bruce to do anything anytime, has Sam ever inconvenienced Bruce or has Bruce ever said no to Sam? (Like has Sam ever called at 4am to tell Bruce to get on a plane, and a couple hours later Bruce finds himself on that plane not know what is waiting for him when he gets there?)
  • On the flip side of the previous question, Bruce seems to be able to get Ted Raimi in anything. Has Ted ever said no to Bruce?
  • Following up on that, can they get away with anything when they are together? Is there a line that they have agreed not to cross?

I am glad that Bruce is way too busy to read these forums, it means more Bruce for us on screen and if a group decides to do as suggested, SURPISE! :)

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