Books bound in human skin ...


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Jan 20, 2008
Genuine books bound in human skin and the stories behind them .. fascinating and gruesome stuff  :um

In this top ten list, the first book is the only one I've come across that is said to have a human face on it ... I'm not convinced although it does resemble a flattened human face .. but the 'cool' thing about it is that the skin is from one of the co-conspirators of the gun powder plot of 1605 to destroy British parliament that was led by Guy Fawkes ... Guy Fawkes night and penny for the Guy has been a staple of British tradition ever since. I wonder if Tom Sullivan and Sam Raimi were aware of this book?. I'd love to see it in the flesh ...

Apparently the correct term for covering books in human skin is anthroperdermic bibliopegy.

edit: ... and while we're on the subject of miss-using human remains, if you ever loose a limb and don't know what to do with, have it turned into a lamp display and then try to sell it on ebay ... you know ... as you do ..

more pics and info:    :happydevil
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