Bad hand syndrome


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Jan 20, 2008
Losing control of one one your hands is an actual rare medical condition ... I read this interesting entry last night from the book 'The Book Of Lists' .. crazy ..

Officially known as Alien Hand Syndrome, this bizarre neurological disorder afflicts thousands of people. It is caused by damage to certain parts of the brain and causes one of a person's hands to act independently of the other and of it's owner's wishes. For example, the misbehaving hand may do the opposite of what the normal one is doing: if a person is trying to button a shirt with one hand , the other will follow along and undo the buttons. If one hand pulls up trousers, the other will pull them down. Sometimes the hand may become aggressive - pinching, slapping or punching the patient; in at least one case, it tried to strangle its owner. Says neurologist Rachelle Doody, "Often a patient will sit on the hand but eventually it gets loose and starts doing everything again."

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