Ash coming to Mortal Kombat 11.


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Mar 31, 2013
Yep, that's some of the classic Campbell 'creative truthing' at work!


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Jun 11, 2015
Looks like Bruce won't be in MK11 again. A new Evil Dead game is still in the works though. Maybe it will be announced at E3.

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May 17, 2018
Looks like Bruce won't be in MK11 again. A new Evil Dead game is still in the works though. Maybe it will be announced at E3.

Ash will be in Mortal Kombat 11.
The Evil Dead game will be teased at E3.

What frustrates me is that he doesn't want to continue Ash Vs Evil Dead if the chance came up. He's a producer, he can call the shots. He doesn't have to roll around in the mud or have blood sprayed on him. I get his motto of needing it to be hard to make to be a good movie, but Ash can just chill in his post-apocalyptic kingdom and let others take all the abuse. If Ash was just inside a futuristic pad for the whole season, talking to his friends and hot robot babes, I would love that. Or even reduce himself to a slightly smaller role (less screentime) that would be fine. Treat him like Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens and have him show up in just the second half of the season (kinda bad analogy cause Luke just makes an unspoken cameo). Or come up with an avatar, a robot, that sounds like him and maybe looks like him, but isn't actually Bruce physically, that he uses for combat while he chills in his protected kingdom.

And I'm satisfied with how it ended, it's just that the whole post-apocalyptic scenario shown/teased at the end along with the creative team of AVED, is too good to just pass up if the opportunity came back to continue that.

But a game exploring that would suffice. I just have no idea what the game will be besides VR. The fact that it was delayed gives me hope that they took that opportunity to make it as a Season 4. I just don't know what else would be worthwhile doing in the AVED universe besides a virtual Season 4. Even if the game seems amazing, if it's not a virtual Season 4, I'll be let down.


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Aug 1, 2015
Looks like Bruce won't be in MK11 again. A new Evil Dead game is still in the works though. Maybe it will be announced at E3.

Oh give me a break, he even says "i'm a bad liar" His staying face because of the NDA. Though it is quite funny to see him trying to duck and dodge the mk11 stuff like the plague.

Plus saying his not playable in DBD ?

Here's a interview he recently did that blatantly show's he is in.

M&C: Switching gears. So obviously I’ve trolled your Twitter feed. I’m looking for MK11 clues like everyone else…

Bruce Campbell: Oh, it’s gotten out of hand. It’s gotten completely out of hand. Here’s the absolute truth of it all: I’m a bad liar. So, here’s the truth of it.

There is an Evil Dead game that’s coming out. And it’s a fully immersive game. It’s going to be very intense. And we hope to be absolutely mind-blowing, like some new game.

But in the meantime what happens is, Evil Dead’s been reintroduced. Ash vs Evil Dead sort of made it relevant again. And there’s a lot of requests just to have Ash pop up, like a guest star, in a movie, or on a TV show. Have him pop up and do some crap.

So Dead by Daylight was pretty much that. Pop up, do a thing. But people thought that (a) I was a liar that, “Oh, I thought you were retiring Ash.” And then (b) that, “Oh, I guess Ash is now in this game,” like he was a fully immersed player.

And we started to see the ads for it like that. We were like, “Ahh, don’t misconstrue this.” I’m just popping in literally, saying like a dozen lines. Like, “Hey, come on baby,” or whatever. And he may pop up in other games.

M&C: Yes. Well, Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11). That’s where all the chatter is landing.

Bruce Campbell: It is.

M&C: And?

Bruce Campbell: Sure. Well, I would have to say that I can’t say anything officially. They have alluded to it because there’s a little chainsaw revving at the end when they allude to new characters. So there’s nothing I can say, but I can say that Ash has popped up in other games. And if he does pop up in this one, it’ll be in the same fashion.

It would be like a blink-don’t-miss it or load him for a quick little run at this, you know?

We’re saving full Ash. Full Ash is coming. We hope that this is just a warm-up, honestly. We’re actually doing it because… We’re saying it’s okay to do because it’s just sort of whetting people’s appetite for playing a game as Ash, which can be fun.

He’s a big trash talker. And he’s one of the few flawed heroes. He’s like you. He’s like your neighbor being a hero. It’s like you being a hero, just you putting a chainsaw on your arm. That’s what I think is cool.
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