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  1. Nuisance the Basset Hound

    Bruce Campbell reveals what incarnation the next Evil Dead will be and talks about the end of Ash (Vs Evil Dead).

    Bruce once said something to the effect of hoping AvsED would last five seasons at most, otherwise it starts outstaying its welcome. He compared it to "Burn Notice," and how he's talked to people who don't even remember what happened after the fifth season. Personally, I would have been more...
  2. Nuisance the Basset Hound

    Bruce Says More Evil Dead To Come

    Geez-louise, guys. Just forget I said anything at all. With a bunch of parade-rainers like you around to sour the fanbase, it's a miracle the series even reached a third season.
  3. Nuisance the Basset Hound

    Bruce Says More Evil Dead To Come

    Look, I only want an honest-to-goodness continuation of "Ash vs. Evil Dead." No prequels, no sidequels, no remakes, no reboots, no re-imaginings. Just the ongoing adventures of Ash, Kelly, and Pablo. The story they have now is fine; more than fine. The worst thing they can do right now is...
  4. Nuisance the Basset Hound

    One year later...

  5. Nuisance the Basset Hound

    Doctor Who and the Evil Dead (Crossover)

    I commissioned this piece from Paul Hanley. I thought it was appropriate to post it on Halloween. Most of you will probably know the guy on the right, but whoever recognizes the bloke in the scarf to the left gets an orange jelly baby.
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