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  1. Nick el Ass

    35 years of The Evil Dead!!!

    It is hard to believe, but The Evil Dead first hit theaters 35 years ago today on October 15th 1981. I wasn't born for another 5 months after that premier, and didn't see any of the movies until 1995 when I first saw Evil Dead II with a friend... but it is without question the greatest trilogy...
  2. Nick el Ass

    Bruce Campbell's Reddit AMA video.

    I have never seen Reddit post a video from an AMA session (never really looked for one), and thought it was pretty cool to see it instead of reading through all of the questions.
  3. Nick el Ass

    Bruce and Lucy on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

    The show is on tonight, and usually available to watch on the website after it airs so if you miss it don't free because you can watch it later on... and Bruce and Lucy should be the last two guests on the show. Should be a good time.
  4. Nick el Ass

    For all you ladies out there. Well... I guess the guys can take a look.
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