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    Ash vs Evil Dead S03E10: The Mettle Of Man Discussion [SPOILERS] [SERIES FINALE]

    Ugh. This is such a hard pill for me to swallow, coming from a fairly new(er) ED fan. I felt like I was just breaking into such an awesome franchise, discovering its awesomeness and then its gone. Sighs. I felt pretty satisfied with the finale, overall. I don't feel like there were any...
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    Renew Ash vs Evil Dead for Season 4 (and Season 5)!

    Personally I think there are dozens of reasons why it didn't last. ED is a niche base; just speaking for myself, a large majority of the people I've talked to haven't even heard of ED, much less the show. The fans who are out there are very passionate but there just aren't enough of them. Now...
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    'Dead by Dawn' - a global 24 hour marathon (proposal)

    That would be so epic :D I would be up for it!
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    Ash vs Evil Dead S03E09: Judgement Day Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Agree completely. Pablo's journey was something I wanted to see for a while and I'm so, so happy we got to experience it before the show ended. I always knew he had so much potential and to get that payoff is so satisfying. Ditto with Kelly; I kind of wanted to see her whole anger/revenge...
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    Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 General Discussion Thread

    Bye bye Starz subscription. I am super, super bummed - to the point where this will truly ruin my weekend - but, I am glad we got what we did and I'm happy that the show will end (hopefully) on a high note. I am so thankful to the cast & crew for giving us an awesome 3 seasons. AvED is the...
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    The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I got into Evil Dead just recently; I watched the first movie and by sheer coincidence the show's premiere was on the next day (which I had no idea existed). LOVE the show, LOVE the movies, LOVE Bruce! So glad I'm joining the...
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