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    Bruce Confirms Voice Work For New Game

    He has a tendency to reduce the character down to one note, sadly.
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    My Thoughts Why Evil Dead Was Cancelled?

    The "AvED was killed by Piracy" thing is a lie. Let's be real - the live fives were awful. The ratings were awful. All three of AvED's seasons never made the top fifty when it came to the most pirated shows in existence. Power is huge in the ratings, and Outlander was doing okay for awhile...
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    Bruce Campbell’s Retirements Makes No Sense:

    Bruce is a professional contradictor. I say this as someone who's run a fan site for him for years. He also has a tendency to blatantly say that he adores a project, then if it tanks or he secretly hated to bring out the verbal knives when it's safely behind him in the can. AvED's ratings...
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    Sam to direct Horror Series 50 States of Fright

    Yeah, and he's cross-producing the whole series!
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    Random times Evil Dead stuff cheers you up

    AOD is one of my favorite pick-me-up movies, too!
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    October 2019 AvED run-through

    Excellent! Looking forward to your posts!
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    The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

    Welcome to the board!
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    Bruce Campbell reveals what incarnation the next Evil Dead will be and talks about the end of Ash (Vs Evil Dead).

    I don't know if we really need a parade of reboots and sideboots. They tried this in comic form (Space Goat's Tales of the Nec) and it didn't work. The trick will be making people care for this new protag as much as they cared for Ash and Mia. How many times can lightning strike in the same...
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    Sam Raimi Talks About His Favorite Horror Movies

    This is a pretty fun interview with interesting analysis. Thanks to Elise for finding it!
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    Bruce Says More Evil Dead To Come

    IMO, it's less about how beloved the characters are than if they could get people to tune in for a spin-off.
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    Evil Dead 2 Board Game Resurrected on Kickstarter!

    Link, plus on the front page. The good news about this is that if you pledged the previous kickstarter you will get a copy of the game, only having to put down cash for shipping. Benefits, however, won't be exact to what you pledged for, it seems.
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