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    Shootin the breeze with Tom Sullivan

    Right. Still an interesting theory. He is an absolute joy to talk too. Got something cool for October you Deadites will dig. ;) Thanks for the feedback. :)
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    Shootin the breeze with Tom Sullivan

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    Shootin the breeze with Tom Sullivan

    I'm surprised no one is talking about Tom's reasons on why the remake is actually a sequel explained here:
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    Shootin the breeze with Tom Sullivan

    Chat on various topics but a good amount on Evil Dead. Hope you enjoy.
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    The Fly 2 with Tom Sullivan:

    Thought you Deadites would enjoy this:
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    Upcoming Evil Dead video game with Bruce?

    You'd think we'd have some info.... Possible screenshots or something by now.... Which makes me think this is most likely a Mobile game. I just hope this a game we can buy & enjoy and not some "free" microtransaction crud.... Love something on the level of Fistful Of Boomstick or...
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    Ash vs Evil Dead S03E10: The Mettle Of Man Discussion [SPOILERS] [SERIES FINALE]

    *Ahem* THAT WAS FUCKING GREAT! Holly shit did this deliver! Er man I hope Netflix or Shudder or some network picks up a Season 4. Or a Movie or something.... However if not at least it went out awesometacular! I'm satisfied but I'd be down for more. Man this episode was so badass.... Just...
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    Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 General Discussion Thread

    Well..... If. A big if but if Netflix did pick it up then they'd offer Bruce a bigger paycheck. ;) He's saying all this because he doesn't want to be hounded at Cons for the next decade with the same questions over and over is all. Just like when 5-6 years ago he said Ash was done. If another...
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    Renew Ash vs Evil Dead for Season 4 (and Season 5)!

    Bruce has always been a bit bipolar when it comes to Evil Dead though....
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    Renew Ash vs Evil Dead for Season 4 (and Season 5)! ;)
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    Adam Marcus on Deadite Jason

    Bah Adam Marcus can shut up. Anyone actually care what he thinks or his Doc on Jason Goes To Hell? He's still on this after what? 25 freaking years? Jason Goes To Hell isn't all that loved. Last I heard Sam approved of it being used as a gag however Tom Sullivan wasn't too happy as Sam didn't...
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    Ash vs Evil Dead S03E09: Judgement Day Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I moved my post. It was just my idea on what I think would be a cool idea since Universal (last I heard) was interested in doing another Army Of Darkness.... With the show done it would be a way to get more Ash. However we never know.... Another network might pick it up. Overall great episode.
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    The Evil Dead to be re-released to Theaters for Halloween Nationwide!

    Could get a new 4K scan. The remastering tech has improved since that Blu-Ray came out. We'll see.
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    Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 General Discussion Thread

    My pitch for the finale.... One can dream.... So rift opens.... Ash and crew get sucked in and end up back in Medieval times. Ash goes to Arthur and Arthur starts to shout No like Ash at the end of Evil Dead II. Fade to black with text that says Ash and the Ghost Beaters will return in Army Of...
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    Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 General Discussion Thread

    Is the site gonna cover ways to view Season 3 legally? Also not on Hulu. Don't know what the Starz Hulu deal was about? I guess it was for one show? Any Season 3 passes? I don't see any? Looks like $9 for Starz is the only way. Still plenty of peeps who don't even know Starz has a streaming...
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