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    Evil Dead References

    Thanks for the welcome. LOL I wasn't trolling. I love Evil Dead too. Ash vs Evil Dead is actually my favourite series of the past 10 years easy. I love the fact that its a proper action, horror series that doesn't get bogged down in any soap opera mince. Sadly it seems most sci fi and fantasy...
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    Doctor Who and the Evil Dead (Crossover)

    Fantastic. Glad its one of true Who and not the 2005 revival.
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    Evil Dead References

    In Spaced a British Sitcom starring and created by Simon Pegg (who later wrote and starred in Shaun of the Dead) there is a giant poster for Evil Dead 2 on the wall of the main characters flat. Simon even poses like Annie Knowby on the poster in one bit when he is scared. Buffy the Vampire...
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