Evil Dead Figures

With the popularity of the Evil Dead films several toy & figure companies have created their own lines of Evil Dead figures. These figures have mainly been based on Army of Darkness since it was the easiest license for toy companies to acquire but in recent years Evil Dead 2 figures as well as Ash vs Evil Dead figures have been released.


Website: necaonline.com
NECA, one of many collectable toy manufacturers first utilized the Army of Darkness license with head knocker figures of all things. They then moved on to producing a series of highly detailed cult classic figures similar to McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs. They seemed to be the first company to get Ash’s likeness down.

NECA Evil Dead 2 Evil Ed

NECA Possessed Ashy Slashy Puppet Replica

NECA Ashy Slashy Puppet Replica

NECA Ash 7 Inch

NECA Henrietta 7 Inch

NECA Demon Spawn 7 Inch

NECA Ash vs Evil Dead Bloody Ash vs Demon Spawn 3-Pack

NECA Ash vs Evil Dead Hero Ash

NECA Ash vs Evil Dead Value Stop Ash

NECA Ash vs Evil Dead Eligos

NECA 8-Inch Ash

NECA 8-Inch Evil Ash

NECA Evil Dead 2 Ash

NECA Evil Dead 2 Farewell to Arms Ash

NECA Evil Ash

NECA Evil Henrietta

NECA Evil Dead 2 Hero from the Sky Ash

NECA S-Mart Ash

NECA Medieval Ash

NECA Ash Headknocker

NECA Stretched Ash Headknocker

NECA Evil Ash Headknocker

Kid Robot

Website: https://www.kidrobot.com/

Kid Robot Army of Darkness Ash Plushy

The Coop

Website: https://www.thecoopshop.com

The Coop Army of Darkness Plushies


Website: funko.com
Funko, or FunKo, is a company that manufactures and produces a wide array of licensed pop culture toys including Army of Darkness vinyl toys.

Funko Pop! Ash vs Evil Dead Ash Bloody

Funko Pop! Ash vs Evil Dead Ash

Funko Pop! Ash vs Evil Dead Pablo

Funko pop! Ash vs Evil Dead Kelly

Funko Pop! Ash vs Evil Dead Ruby

Funko Pop! Army of Darkness Ash

Funko Pop! Army of Darkness Deadite

Funko Horror Classics Ash

Distinctive Dummies

Website: distinctivedummies.net
An independent toy company that makes custom handmade action figures and collectibles for horror and sci-fi movies.

Distinctive Dummies Ash

Distinctive Dummies Evil Cheryl

Distinctive Dummies Evil Scotty

Distinctive Dummies Evil Ed

Credenda Studios

Website: https://credendastudios.bigcartel.com

Credemda Studios - Sam Raimi Figure

Credemda Studios - Sam Raimi Figure

Kasual Friday

Website: kasualfriday.com
A pop culture vinyl figure and apparel company released an Army of Darkness Lost in Time Ash figure as part of their Kasual Friday Superstar series in 2016.

Kasual Friday Army of Darkness Lost in the Time Figure

Mezco Toyz

Website: mezcotoyz.com
Mezco Toyz, a popular collectable toy company produced a line of kubrick figures called Mez-Itz. Of course they had to make a set of Army of Darkness figures.

Living Dead Dolls Evil Dead 2 Evil Ash

Living Dead Dolls Evil Dead 2 Ash

Mezitz Army of Darkness Box

Mezitz Ash

Mezitz Pit WItch

Mezitz Evil Ash

Palisades Toys

Palisades Toys before going out of business in 2006 produced two series of 4″ scale Army of Darkness figures. The figures themselves were highly detailed and featured many points of articulation. Unfortunately they closed their doors in 2006.

Palisades Toys Army of Darkness Packs

Palisades Toys Army of Darkness Box

Palisades Toys Army of Darkness Set

Palisades Toys Army of Darkness Set

Dynamite Entertainment

Website: dynamiteentertainment.com
From the cover of the smash Army of Darkness comic book series Ashes to Ashes artist J. Scott Campbell’s rendition of Ash is now available as a Dynamite Statue! Sculpted by Anthony Colella and standing a full 13 tall this piece captures every bit of the essence of Campbell’s fan-favorite cover.

Ash Statue by J. S. Campbell

Diamond Select

The largest distributor of comics in the US produced several Army of Darkness busts and statues not to mention plushies.

Army of Darknes 10th Anniversary Ash Statue

Army of Darkness Ash Bust

Evil Ash Bust

Army of Darkness Plushies

Sideshow Collectables

Sideshow Collectables a specialty manufacturer of licensed collectable figurines. The joined the Army of Darkness bandwagon with a set of limited edition 12 inch doll figures. The Ash figures were limited to 3,000 figures each while the Evil Ash was limited to 10,000. They also offer a 20″ tall premium format Ash figure.

Sideshow Sith Scale Ash

Sideshow Toys Ash Doll

Sideshow Toys S-Mart Ash Doll

Sideshow Toys Evil Ash Doll

Sideshow Toys Premium Ash Statue

Leading Edge Games

Leading Edge Games was an American game company that produced role-playing games and game supplements including Army of Darkness.

Leading Edge Games Death Coaster

Mcfarlane Toys

Website: mcfarlane.com
Between 2000 and 2005 McFarlane Toys released several Army of Darkness figures and bundle packs in its Movie Maniacs line. In 2000 we got our first commercial release of an Ash figure in the Movie Maniacs series 3. 2001 saw the release of the first Evil Ash, an 18 inch talking Ash, and the Pite Deadite. A special double pack bundled Ash and the Pit Deadite. Finally in 2005 we get an Ash/Evil Ash bundle pack. Overall Mcfarlane did a poor job with Ash. The likeness of Ash was just not there although hey did a nice job on Evil Ash and the Pit Deadite figures. The figures featured a few points of articulation but were meant to be displayed, not played with.

Movie Maniacs 3 Ash

Movie Maniacs 3 Ash

Movie Maniacs 4 Ash vs Pit Witch

Movie Maniacs 4 Evil Ash

Movie Maniacs 4 Evil Ash

Movie Maniacs 4 18-Inch Ash