Build Your very own Evil Ash Costume

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Studio Creations has a groovy in depth tutorial on how to build your own Evil Ash costume, everything from materials to making the armour.

Alright you BoneHeads, now lissen up! This is my Boom Stick!! Well.. actually it’s my paintbrush, but that won’t keep me from cracking some skulls if you all get outta line! You wanted info about how to make your very own Evil Ash costume for Halloween and those geeky conventions that you attend throughout the year.

Rob Tapert Interview: Discusses Evil Dead Remake

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In a recent interview with Yahoo News,Rob Tapert discusses the Evil Dead remake which from the sound of it he wants completed in 2010:

So are the internet rumours true, do they intend to remake their horror classic, Evil Dead?

“Yes, we do. How easy was that? I just said yes,” he said sounding slightly surprised at himself.

“Sam always said it would be a great thing for somebody to remake because no one has seen it theatrically on a big screen.

“It is a great chance for a young filmmaker to do his thing and bring better effects and better acting to the story.

“Hopefully, we are wholeheartedly committing to getting that done in 2010.

“We are looking for a filmmaker to work with to redevelop the story. We don’t want to do what I call cling block – cling to old things or block new ideas.”

9 Ted Raimi Cameos

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As we all know Ted Raimi has done a lot of cameos in his time as an actor. Bloody Good Horror has written up a nice article featuring 9 cameos of Ted Raimi, most of which are in horror movies where he gets killed.