New Crossover: Danger Girl And The Army Of Darkness

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Just when you thought they were done with Army of Darkness comic crossovers…comes Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness!

Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1
Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness
Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1

January 10, 2011, Runnemede, NJ -Be sure not to miss the launch of this event series featuring the first explosive issue as the Danger Girls team up with the incomparable Ash in Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1 this coming April! Written by Danger Girl co-creator Andy Hartnell and drawn by Red Sonja’s Chris Bolson, featuring covers by Danger Girl co-creator and legendary comics favorite J. Scott Campbell with colorist Nei Ruffino, Paul Renaud, as well as Nick Bradshaw!

Abbey Chase, the world’s most daring adventuress, returns to action as she aims to recover a dark and mysterious piece of ancient history. When Abbey learns that the elusive Book of the Dead has resurfaced and fallen into nefarious hands, she and the Danger Girls embark on a mission to track down the powerful tome. But when their journey leads them to cross paths with another seeking the book – a man with a personal vendetta and a literal hand in the book’s sordid history – they find themselves spiraling through the most outrageous and sure-to-be-talked-about cross-over event of the year! Don’t miss Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #1 coming up in April 2011!

“Many artists go through an entire career without one real signature project, and I’ve been fortunate to have to with both Gen 13 and Danger Girl,” says artist J. Scott Campbell. “And I really enjoy the Army of Darkness movies and absolutely love Bruce Campbell! This will be an incredibly compelling series!”

“Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness has been a long time coming,” says writer Andy Hartnell. “Fans of the original Danger Girl series may recall seeing the infamous Necronomicon in the library of one Abbey Chase, way back in her days before joining the Danger Girl organization. They’ve always asked what that was all about. Well, now is the time to revisit that adventure. Now that Abbey is a full-fledged Danger Girl, with her new skills and allies, she also has the ‘help’ from some knucklehead named Ash.”

“Fans that have been clamoring for Army of Darkness to return won’t need to wait any longer, and this time Ash has company,” says Dynamite Entertainment President Nick Barrucci. “We’re extremely excited to have Ash’s ongoing series re-launch and also be J. Scott Campbell’s and Andy Hartnell re-introduction of Danger Girl to the comics market! Dynamite Entertainment and IDW are proud to have two such unlikely franchises meet-up on what is sure to be one entertaining romp!”

New Deadites Now Live!

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Our new site is finally up! We hope you like it. We’re still working on getting some pages up and tweaking the site. We also have some new content planned in the next few weeks. So check back daily!

Evil Dead Game App Trailer

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Check out this exclusive trailer for the upcoming Evil Dead Game App for iPhone. The game will be released later this year. The characters you see in the trailer are actual characters from the game. The developers promise lots of gore.

Sam Raimi to Direct Day of the Triffids Remake

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According to Deadline Sam Raimi is set to direct the Day of the Triffids remake.

The film will be produced by Ghost House, the partnership between Mandate, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. The deal is seven-figures and I’ve heard it’s the most that Mandate has paid for a project package. Raimi wants to direct it; the original was one of his favorite films as a boy. Raimi and Tapert will board the producer roster, joining Michael Preger, Angry Films’ Don Murphy and Susan Montford, and Mark Gordon, who previously worked with Raimi on A Simple Plan.

Bruce Campbell NYC Comic Con 2010 Photos

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Bruce Campbell’s panel at NYC Comic Con was simply awesome. It was hilarious watching Bruce rip his fans a new one for asking dumb questions. Bruce did have some good advice about the movie industry. If you want better movies, stop going to see the crappy ones. This year’s NYC Comic Con marked the 11th time Deadites has seen Bruce in person. Not too shabby for being online since 1997. Check out these photos shot by Kain:

See more here!

ZomBcon Fan Exclusive Evil Dead Poster Revealed

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At this year’s ZombieCon there will be an exclusive Evil Dead poster celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary Evil Dead only available to fans in attendance.

The gang at Grindhouse Releasing nd Renaissance teamed up to commissioned the talented, Stephen Romano (ShockFestival) to bring the fans of the Evil Dead another limited-edition fan poster in honor of the rerelease of the film by Grindhouse Releasing. Reiter was first introduced to the revival of Evil Dead poster art at the Alamo Draft House screening, with Olly Moss’ poster art work this past summer.

New Evil Dead Posters by Christopher Franchi

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Christopher Franchi, an amazingly talented artist has shared his latest poster work with us featuring the Ladies of the Evil Dead and the upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Evil Dead. The Ladies of the Evil Dead Poster was designed to take the place of the Anchor Bay poster they currently sign at conventions. The 30th Anniversary Evil Dead poster was designed as a concept/autograph friendly poster that features the cast of the Evil Dead. Anchor Bay was planning on using it for the Ultimate Edition of the Evil Dead 3-disc DVD but was not used.

Ladies of the Evil Dead Poster by Christopher Franchi
Evil Dead 35th Anniversary Poster by Christopher Franchi